Warranty Policy


Limited Warranty for FORZA TECHNOLOGIES® Products

FORZA TECHNOLOGIES® guarantees to the first buyer that the products of the brand will not present any defect in materials or manufacturing for the period stipulated below, which becomes effective on the date of purchase. Any defect derived from improper use or improper maintenance; accident, humidity, insects, improper packaging, lightning, electrical surges, alterations or modifications is not covered by this limited warranty.

FORZA TECHNOLOGIES® in its sole discretion, will determine whether to repair the fault or replace the product, the defective part or part thereof, at no additional cost to the buyer for parts or labor during the term of this limited warranty; but you will not assume any shipping or transportation costs to our offices. The liability under this warranty will not exceed the purchase price of the products..

For Distributors:

The devices must be sold to the final customer within the original warranty period , so that the final customer can start the warranty period again after purchase.
* If the distributor sells a device after the stipulated warranty period to an end customer, this equipment will not be guaranteed with Intcomex and must be processed by the distributor that sold the equipment being out of warranty*

FORZA TECHNOLOGIES® offers the following types of warranties for its products:


  • Interactive UPS, Online EOS from 1k to 2k (3 years warranty UPS, 2 years warranty batteries): They are replaced by new equipment under warranty, they are not repaired
    • Devices sold before JANUARY 2017 keeps guarantees of 2 years of warranty.
  • Atlas Online UPS from more than 2k to 3k (2 years warranty) They are replaced by new equipment under warranty, they are not repaired
  • Walltaps (3 years warranty) They are replaced by new equipment under warranty, they are not repaired.
  • Batteries (1 year warranty): They are replaced by new equipment under warranty
  • Garantias de Power protectors, Power Regulators y Adapters (2 years warranty): They are replaced by new equipment under warranty, they are not repaired. 
    • Voltage Regulators (FVR models) with de “M” For Mexico – 5 years warranty
  • Atlas Online UPS from 6k en foward (2 years warranty): The guarantee of this equipment is Repair, by our authorized technicians, they are not replaced by new equipment.
  • Garantía de Por vida (Power Strip y Power Supressors): These teams maintain a guarantee of life as long as the problem they maintain is factory.

How to get assistance through the limited warranty

Before submitting a request for an item under warranty, we invite you to visit the technical assistance section on our website: www.forzaups.com Through this section you can also contact us by email, chat and social networks to make technical inquiries. If the product definitely presents a defect covered by this limited warranty, please return the product with proof of purchase to the authorized RZA TECHNOLOGIES®distributor. This will determine the cause of the problem and will proceed according to the limited warranty offered by FORZA TECHNOLOGIES®

No distributor, agent or employee of ours to make modifications, extensions or additions to the current limited warranty.


RMA Procedure for Authorized Distributors.

FORZA TECHNOLOGIES® values its clientele and maintains its firm commitment to offer the best service to its customers. If you are experiencing technical problems with our products, please follow the instructions below:


  • To solve problems related to drivers, visit our website: www.forzaups.com, open the Assistance tab and click on Download programs. To deal with other technical problems, contact us at [email protected]
  • A technical service representative will contact you to determine if the product has a defect or not.
  • Local distributors do not need to return the defective product unless the amount of the return is exceptionally high. In this case, the central office will require samples of the product to determine the cause of the problem..
  • Once approved, the customer will receive the replacement or credit product based on the current market price


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