Zeus Series of 3-Phase UPS Systems Release

Meet a totally new concept in continuity and productivity, the new Zeus series of three-phase UPS, efficient power backup, compact, scalable and easy to manage. In this video you can learn about the different commercial benefits, technical features, differentials vs. the competition and more.
13 May 2021

Power backup and management solutions for edge computing

Critical applications at the edge of the network are increasing every day, but response latency must be lower as more solutions are integrated. For this infrastructure to provide the best user experience, it must have an efficient and easily managed energy backup. Learn about the benefits of Forza solutions focused on edge computing, use cases and features in this webinar.
28 Abr 2020

Home Office Backup and Protection Solutions

The current context has led many companies to adapt their employees' workspaces to hybrid environments or directly to teleworking. In this webinar you will learn about different use cases, protection and backup solutions that companies must take into account to protect the information handled by their employees.
15 Abr 2020