Pre-Manufactured Data Centers are a Scalable Alternative for Enterprises

Pre-Manufactured Data Centers are a Scalable Alternative for Enterprises

Pre-manufactured data centers are made in a factory sometimes with IT components such as servers and storage, but always with network, cooling, and power built-in.

There are two factors to consider when choosing the type of data center best suited to your needs:

  • A prefabricated data center is designed with optimization balance and scale in mind where there is no issue of unused capacity.
  • Your responsibility of managing and customizing the data center is higher in a modular solution than in a traditional one, especially if you plan on hosting it on site, or managing it yourself.

Some benefits of deploying pre-manufactured data center modules are:

  • Shorter time to deploy

There are repetitive components that enable simplicity and make the manufacturing process faster. This efficiency saves months in installation and for organizations that need to accelerate the deployment process, this is an option they should consider.


  • Less cost

Modular data centers come complete with IT racks, cooling and electrical equipment, and generator enclosures. Taking as much of the integration of the equipment into a factory setting can save in labor costs.  

  • Easier installation

Modules are assembled with all components included. Because the infrastructure components arrive as a prefabricated unit, the IT staff doesn’t spend time procuring individual components and then assembling them into a working unit.


  • More reliable since components are pre-wired and factory acceptance tested

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components are jointly designed and manufactured which results in an integrated installation where everything works according to efficiency and availability highest standards.

  • They’re flexible and energy efficient

Pre-manufactured data centers include complete network connections, storage, servers, security, a cooling facility, and everything else you would expect from a modern data center. The integration of components makes the data center more energy efficient. Factory testing of the power modules and backup generators ensures the data center is working before you deploy it. If an organization requires more capacity, it can scale to additional modules.

By using a single manufacturing source, you can ensure that all components are maximized for efficient use of space resulting in a smaller footprint and removes any concerns over component compatibility.

These facilities offer resiliency and scalability. They can be configured according to users’ needs. And are designed to meet high power density requirements for cloud and web scale environments. Determine your priorities in order to decide if a pre-manufactured data center is right for you. 




  • Capacity: 500VA/250W
  • Topology: Interactive
  • Waveform: Simulated sine wave
  • Voltage: 120V