Smart UPS 110V

Forza’s SL series of smart UPS systems is certainly the complete solution for government agencies or private businesses, in the educational, financing and public sectors, including small and medium-sized companies or home offices.

By integrating voltage regulation, surge suppression and back-up capabilities in a single unit, along with critical protection and power management features, the SL series has become the best selling UPS of its class, for its quality, outstanding performance and cost effectiveness. The SL series comes in four different configurations: 500VA. 750VA, 800VA, 1000VA.

Level 5

Part Number / Código del Producto: SL-1001UL

Versión D

“D” Version

“D” version available designed to work with power generators



Controlled by a technologically advanced microprocessor

Función AVR

AVR Function

Equipped with AVR function to regulate output voltage

Software de Control

Management Software

Includes ForzaTracker, a power management software, with the latest in system monitoring technology

Protección de Sobrecarga

Overload Protection

Surge-only outlets to connect less critical equipment



High-capacity batteries for greater backup time

UPS Inteligente

Interactive UPS

Line interactive UPS with interactive topology



Optimized to protect and backup computer systems in small and medium-sized businesses.

Puerto USB

USB Port

Includes USB port and cable for managing functions via PC

Mayor Protección

Better Protection

Better overcharge protection of up to 660 joules

Arranque en Frío

Cold Start

Cold start function


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