FDC-3002R FDC-3002R


FDC-3002R Nivel de Protección 6 UPS en línea

  • Capacidad: 3000VA/2700W
  • Topología: Online Double Conversion
  • Forma de onda: Pure sine wave
  • Voltaje: 220V
  • Tipo de entrada: NEMA 5-15P
  • Tipo de salida: 6 x NEMA 5-20R
  • Comunicación: USB / SNMP / RS-232
  • Indicador visual: LCD status screen
  • Software de gestión: Forza Tracker
  • Garantia: 2 years
FDC-3002R FDC-3002R

Communication Port

Enhanced communication and control capabilities Enables the automatic shutdown function, safely powering down connected computers
Communication Port

Adaptable LCD Screen

Automatically changes orientation of LCD display Simplified monitoring and management in rack or tower configuration
Adaptable LCD Screen
FDC-3002R FDC-3002R

Emergency Power-Off (EPO)

Instant equipment shut down feature Connect a button to the relay to remotely turn off the UPS without the use of software
Emergency Power-Off (EPO)

Premium Copper Contacts

Guarantees a perfect connection every time Perfect-fit outlets prevent plugs from becoming loose
Premium Copper Contacts
FDC-3002R FDC-3002R

Thermofuse Protection

Increased reliability and peace of mind Power disconnection function when transformer temperatures become too high
Thermofuse Protection

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Complete AVR protection against voltage irregularities Essential in areas where voltage fluctuations occur frequently, providing clean and stable power
Automatic Voltage Regulation
FDC-3002R FDC-3002R


FDC-3002R | UPS en línea

Tipo de Solución
  • Corporate
  • Government
  • Education
Bateria de reemplazo
Número de Baterias: 6
Ordene aquí
  • Workstations
  • Large servers
  • Networking equipment
  • Graphic workstations
  • Multifunction printer
  • Copiers

The new Atlas online series provides true double-conversion technology and the highest level of protection suitable for critical equipment. This series combine an optimized level of performance with rich functionality, resulting in a highly efficient system that is easy to maintain and operate. Designed to prevent unexpected service interruptions due to overloads, internal fault conditions or during blackouts, the UPS ensures reliable and continuous operation through its internal battery pack and an optional external battery module. Ideal for high density power protection demands, the Atlas features a versatile rack/tower form factor to fit diverse environments. Despite its compact footprint, this UPS incorporates internal battery packs which can be accessed via the front panel for maintenance checks and replacement without removing the UPS from its mounting rack. The LCD display panel can be easily shifted by pressing buttons to suit the installation format, vertically when mounted on a stand or horizontally if installed in a rack. Besides, IT personnel can manage equipment well from learning remaining backup time information via LCD display.

FDC-3002R | UPS en línea

  • Capacidad: 3000VA/2700W
  • Topología: Online Double Conversion
  • Forma de onda: Pure sine wave
  • Voltaje: 220V
  • Tipo de entrada: NEMA 5-15P
  • Tipos de salida: 6 x NEMA 5-20R
  • Comunicacion: USB / SNMP / RS-232
  • Indicador visual: LCD status screen
  • Software de gestión: Forza Tracker
  • Garantia: 2 years

FDC-3002R | UPS en línea

Doble conversión en línea Doble conversión en línea
Online UPS with true double-conversion technology offer the highest level of protection suitable for mission critical equipment by isolating the connected loads from raw utility power. This system works by converting power from AC to DC and then back to AC thanks to its two stage inverter and rectifier design.
Batería de respaldo Batería de respaldo
Supplies battery-derived backup power during blackouts, preventing loss of critical information and minimizing equipment stress caused by a hard shutdown. Delivers reserved energy long enough for equipment to properly shut down.
Regulación automática de voltaje (AVR) Regulación automática de voltaje (AVR)
Provides clean and stable AC power by automatically increasing low voltages during brownouts and decreasing overvoltages when irregularities are present on the main utility line.
Apagado automático Apagado automático
Guard your equipment against potentially damaging power fluctuations and other irregularities in the electrical supply by shutting down the power when voltage levels become too low or too high.
Protección contra sobretensión, sobrecarga, descarga eléctrica y de voltaje Protección contra sobretensión, sobrecarga, descarga eléctrica y de voltaje
Diverts excess voltage away from connected equipment during power surges or power spikes without reducing battery power used to run primary critical equipment. Extends battery life by preventing system overloads and controlling charging currents.
Tecnología MOV Tecnología MOV
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology helps absorb and it redirects transient energy preventing stray electricity from reaching protected equipment.
Termofusible de protección Termofusible de protección
Instantly disconnects the power when internal temperatures become dangerously high.
Filtros de potencia Filtros de potencia
Reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) to block unwanted noise, providing clean and distortion-free electricity to all power outlets.
Administración inteligente de la batería Administración inteligente de la batería
Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision charging.
Autoverificación de la batería Autoverificación de la batería
Ensures early failure notifications of bad or old batteries for immediate replacement, preventing any unexpected and unforeseen backup power issues.
Corrección activa del factor de potencia Corrección activa del factor de potencia
Counteracts harmonic distortion by modifying the power factor of the UPS in order to maximize the use of the electrical power from the main utility line.
Alarma audible Alarma audible
Provides audible notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions for when the UPS is installed in hard to reach places or not easily seen by the user.
Opción de “arranque en frío” Opción de “arranque en frío”
Reserves temporary battery power used to start up the UPS in battery mode when the utility power is out. Restores immediate emergency power to the load after installing new batteries.
Protección para línea de datos Protección para línea de datos
Built-in data line protection prevents power surges that travel through telephone or Ethernet lines from causing damage to sensitive electronics.
Indicador LCD de estado Indicador LCD de estado
Displays live status of the UPS with detailed information on battery and power conditions, alerting users to potential problems before they can affect equipment and cause costly downtime.
Puertos de comunicación Puertos de comunicación
USB port enables the automatic shutdown function, safely powering down connected computers so as to prevent important data loss. Remotely manage and monitor UPS operations with the included user-friendly dashboard interface.
Software de monitoreo ForzaTracker Software de monitoreo ForzaTracker
Allows control and monitoring of multiple UPS units through a network connection. The software also prevents data loss from power outages by safely shutting down the UPS units while allowing the immediate detection and correction of any operation issues with minimal or no delay.
Compatible con Inversores y Generadores Compatible con Inversores y Generadores
Engineered to properly work with frequency variations caused by emergency inverters and backup generators in areas with severe electrical fluctuations.
Sistema de ventilación Sistema de ventilación
Extraction fan helps remove excess heat from the inside housing, guaranteeing to keep components within acceptable operating temperatures.
Carcasa de metal Carcasa de metal
Heavy-duty, impact-resistant metal construction
Modo ECO Modo ECO
Environmentally friendly mode which reduces energy consumption and improves overall efficiency by minimizing the waste of energy.
Apagado automático de emergencia (EPO) Apagado automático de emergencia (EPO)
Instantly shuts down the UPS and any connected equipment in the event of an emergency without the use of software.
Banco de baterías opcional Banco de baterías opcional
Increase the overall runtime of the UPS system, allowing users to maximize their current requirements without the roadblock of having to discard and upgrade to a new product down the line.
Ranura para tarjeta inteligente Ranura para tarjeta inteligente
Used to add an optional SNMP communication card for real-time monitoring and alerts of the UPS across a network.
2 años de garantía 2 años de garantía
Forza Power Technologies offers a direct replacement program that exchanges a defective product from the original purchase date. See warranty terms for details.

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