Summer is around the corner -- How can I protect my equipment from power outages?

If you are seeking to protect a wide range of devices, from sensitive electronics to heavy-duty equipment that do not require battery backup when electricity fails, consider using an automatic power regulator. Engineered to perform under the most demanding operating environments, it is the perfect choice to safeguard electric motors, water pumps, residential and commercial-grade appliances. It also works great in rural areas where electric supply is irregular and erratic.  

Consider an interactive UPS to protect relatively sensitive electronics, specially computers and peripherals, that are connected to a power grid not greatly affected by serious voltage irregularities. Avoid connecting printers with other equipment in the same UPS, as they tend to generate surges that could degrade the quality of the power delivered to other devices in the same unit. Laser printers can be better protected with an automatic power regulator or AVR.

Forza offers interactive UPS for residential applications with a capability of 500VA up to 1 KVA. In addition, the SL smart interactive UPS has a ForzaTracker software featuring a capability of 800VA and 1 KVA. All this equipment has been specially designed for Argentina with IRAM outlets.

The online UPS provides the highest level of protection against the widest spectrum of power problems. They are the ideal solution to protect servers, sensitive electronics or high capacity rackmounted equipment.

Forza features two models of on-line UPS systems: 

  • The EOS Series offers capacities of 1 and 2 KVA, with a power factor of 0.8 and IRAM outlets.
  • The Atlas series comes with rack mountable and tower configurations, with capacities from 2 to 10 KVA. All of them present a power factor of 1, which means that they are 100% efficientcharacterized by their increased availability which will help you to save money.


Maintenance is an important factor to keep your UPS performing at its best. In general, replacing old batteries must be done periodically. Interactive UPS units though may require this type of service done less frequently than an online system.