Get ready for the summer, the blackout season

In Argentina the electric supply faces some challenges specially during the summer season, as a result of the increased level of consumption due to higher temperatures. A blackout could represent a serious risk to your equipment and to the data stored within, including the disruption of critical processes.

An Uninterruptible Power Supply, known as UPS, offers the perfect solution to deal with this type of issues. This is a power supply with a battery designed to continue providing energy to devices in case of outages or failures in the utility line. It provides users enough time to save files and to properly shut down computers connected to the UPS. Some systems come equipped with a USB connection to send out commands which can remotely shut down other computers when power fails, or when the battery has reached a low or critical level.

A UPS also features voltage regulation and surge suppression capabilities. These are especially important when it comes to preventing voltage surges or spikes from potentially damaging your equipment, a common occurrence every time electric power is restored.




  • Capacity: 500VA/250W
  • Topology: Interactive
  • Waveform: Simulated sine wave
  • Voltage: 120V