Los Balcanes S.A. chose Forza UPS systems

The sugar company located in Tucumán, Argentina, relied on our UPS Online Systems to protect its automation processes. Installed Forza UPS Systems support PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) equipment, solid state devices designed to control sequence processes and used in industrial environments.


The choice made by the sugar company Los Balcanes S.A. gives us a vote of confidence to our experience, quality and compromise with our clients, so we hope that this relationship lasts over time.

The engineer Fabian Miño, Manager of Automation in the company, stated that: “The sugar company Los Balcanes S.A. is an industrial and productive company, which manages three sugar factories and a bioethanol distillery in the Province of Tucumán, in the North of Argentina. We came to the understanding that in order to protect the automation systems installed in the company we needed the best UPS Systems, and that is why we chose the ones from Forza Power Technology.” Then he added: “the UPS units are supporting the centrifugation processes, fermentation, dehydration, recast and dilution, through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) equipment from the Allen Bradley firm. We consider that the important role of the UPSs is fundamental for our organization performance. We are convinced that the UPS Systems are of high priority for the protection of our installed equipment.”

Mr. Miño also explained why they have chosen our brand: “We picked Forza, among other reasons, because of its innovative technology, but what was decisive was their work operation in frequencies from 40 to 70Hz. We discovered Forza through the recommendation of our local provider CONNET.” 

“We have installed a total of 40 2-and 3-KVA line UPS On-Line Systems, from Forza, and we are expanding the plant with 10 UPS units more, before February 2019. We are very happy with Forza UPS Systems’, they have undoubtedly surpassed our expectations”, Miño said; and he concluded: “I recommend FORZA to all System or Automation Managers from the different companies.


According to Marianela Suco, Territory Manager for the Southern Cone from Forza Power Technologies, “the Project in “Los Balcanes” is a great example that allows us to have evidence and lets everybody know about the optimal performance of our equipment and how well it operates in a variety of environments, not only IT, which makes this a case of success. Now, with our UPS units, their PLC equipment is supported. Then, she explained: “We keep on working with the sugar company to protect its automation processes and we are also starting to work in other areas of the company, always through CONNET, our partner in the North part of the country.


About Los Balcanes S.A

The sugar company Los Balcanes S.A. is an industrial and productive company which manages three sugar factories and a bioethanol distillery in the Province of Tucumán, in the North of Argentina. 




CONNET is a company specializing in Telecommunication and Infrastructure Hardware as well as customized software, for companies, installers and private customers. The staff is composed of professionals specialized in communication and engineering. Its headquarters are located in Tucumán with operations in the North part of the country. 


About Forza Power Technologies

Forza Power Technologies, part of the Accvent group, with headquarters in the United States of America, is a leading provider of power protection, power conditioning, and back up management power solutions. Its broad product line is made up of, among other products, uninterruptible current regulators, surge protectors, and energy systems known as UPS. Currently, Forza Power Technologies has a strong presence in more than 25 countries through a network of distributors and retail sales representatives in Latin America and the Caribbean. For more information about Forza Power Technologies, you can visit our website at www.forzaups.com






  • Capacity: 500VA/250W
  • Topology: Interactive
  • Waveform: Simulated sine wave
  • Voltage: 120V