Forza keeps growing by adding more than one million satisfied users in 2018

Forza reassures its positioning in the region building up trust through high-end technology at the right price with its ‘on-line’ product line.

Miami, FL, March of 2019 - Forza Power Technologies, a leading provider of power protection, power conditioning, and backup management solutions, reaffirms once again its positioning in the Latin American market with its on-line UPS Line, which currently provides more than twenty different models, customized to the needs of every region.

Forza on-line products feature Power Factor 1 and an efficiency level of up to 100%; that is the reason why FORZA provides the highest level of protection against the wide spectrum of problems related to electric power, placing its UPS products at the highest level of the technological development ever achieved by a UPS. The quality standard which has represented the brand over time, gets significance when is complemented with the factor of ‘trust’, which was recently awarded when more than one million satisfied users, who  have acquired FORZA equipment decided to believe in the reliability and strength of the brand across the region in  2018.  

Forza Power Technologies keeps surprising us being the brand which provides the highest backup to mission critical equipment, providing a power protection system which not only keeps them constantly running, but also one that is capable of extending the life and performance of the components connected to them. We are pleased to consider FORZA as a synonym of operative reliability, immediate resources and quality products availability at the right price and with an unbeatable warranty.




  • Capacity: 500VA/250W
  • Topology: Interactive
  • Waveform: Simulated sine wave
  • Voltage: 120V